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Edition Richmond Edition Richmond Edition Richmond Edition Richmond Edition Richmond Edition Richmond

Audax Architecture

AUDAX Architecture Inc. is an award winning, boutique firm located in the vibrant design district along Davenport Road in Toronto. Established only in 2007, the firm’s unique and sensitive approach to design has already earned it a 2011 Toronto Urban Design Award as well as a Heritage Toronto Award of Merit.

The firm specializes in luxury modern residential developments and homes, boutique commercial developments and offices, urban and master planning and more. All of its projects are designed to address the specific conditions of the site, the context, the client, the user group and the program. The AUDAX philosophy focuses on the concept of HUMAN architecture which is about creating places and environments where people are engaged, welcomed and comforted. It is a belief that architecture should be about more than creating an iconic building. This is accomplished through a thoughtful design of elements relating to the human scale including selection of materials, proportions, spatial patterns and details.

As the project architects, the team at AUDAX Architecture took the design of the Edition Richmond luxury homes as a challenge to provide a unique architectural solution for a great living experience in an urban core. Our goal was to make Edition Richmond a project that showcases features that are unique and forward looking in the context of modern luxury downtown Toronto living. These unique features have been successfully reflected in the outdoor spaces, rhythmic elements, material choices, and the scale of the building, among other things. The design’s contemporary feel is softened through the careful selection of materials and proportions, staying true to the AUDAX philosophy while creating an inspiring living environment.

The concept of quality outdoor living in downtown Toronto is materialized by the provision of individual rooftop and ground level outdoor terraces. The rooftop terraces, which also offer a skyline view of Toronto, are complete with a Sky yard feature that celebrates outdoor living. Arrays of unique arched elements clad with grey metal panel that protrude from all sides of the building face accentuate and create character to the white brick exterior walls. Mimicking the cascading terrace in the back, these elements rise from the ground to the roof arching at the roof level to define the rooftop Sky yard.

White brick masonry, grey steel panels, and clear glass were chosen as the main exterior material palette to uniquely reflect the character of this modern design by creating a very light and fresh look from the outside, while the size of the building components are meant to reflect what we call “human architecture.” These components help create smaller modules to define and individualize each residential unit in a way that is unique and reflective of the individuality of its occupants.

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