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One Of Toronto’s Most Unique Wedding Venues

We are thrilled to be featuring Amy and Gavin’s wedding at the Edition / Richmond Condominium Sales Centre. Yes, you heard it right! This has to be one of the most unique wedding venues we have featured. Amy and Gavin planned their wedding in just six weeks, once they were engaged they just didn’t want to wait.

The choice for the venue was based on the fact that they needed one that was, first, available, and second, would match their champagne-BBQ theme. They live in the area and when they spotted the all-white building, with a parking lot large enough to accommodate a food truck, they knew it would be perfect.

Amy’s most memorable moment … “It’s a toss-up between seeing my beautiful friends, Paula and Robin, singing “At Last” by Etta James for the ceremony, or, the eruption of laughter and cheering while we recited our vows, or, of course, Gavin’s wardrobe ‘malfunction’ during a dance-off to “Billy Jean” with our long-time buddy, Tom.”

The downside to this story is the fact that their venue was a sales centre – because it won’t be around for very much longer.

Venue: Edition/Richmond Sales Centre
Photographer: Nikki Leigh McKean Photography
Planner: Sarah Marie Davis
Dress: Mrs. Bridal
Kilt: His own
Flowers: Sweet Woodruff
Catering: Fidel Gastro
Music: DJ Fase
Officient: Ana Paula da Nova
Lighting: To Suit Your Fancy
Donuts: Paulette’s Originals
Lanterns: Bretta Gereck
Make-up: Dorota Buczel from The Alchemy Center
Hair: Robin Lightfoot from Epoca Hair Group

SOURCE : theweddingco.com

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