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Modern townhomes have a classic ‘auto-garage’ vibe

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It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you first enter Edition/Richmond’s showroom. It looks stuck in time, like some auto body shop from a bygone era. (Which it once was actually.)

And for even more dramatic effect, the entire space is whitewashed, giving it a new gallery-inspired vibe.

Objects on display include vintage car parts that have been transformed into works of art, and an entire automobile, also painted white.

This can’t be a sales office, can it?

The witty and fun visual commentary on the condo lifestyle is the result of the altenative thinking of developer Adam Ochsorn of Curated Properties.

His latest project—Edition/ Richmond — is a distinctive collection of 20 townhomes, located in Queen West. While condo towers take over the city skyline, Ochsorn believes his project taps into the sweet spot of the market — infill, townhouse boutique developments. Prices range from $729,900 to $1,129,000.

It’s not exactly in the heart of the city, but that’s okay, because “Most people want to be by the action, not in it,” says Ochshorn.

Although part of the one of Toronto’s most celebrated neighbourhoods (Queen West), Edition/Richmond is tucked away in a quiet pocket. “The real beauty of the site is you’re on Richmond Street, but when Richmond hits Bathurst you can’t go west on Richmond anymore. None of that busy traffic gets back on Richmond,” he says. Edition/Richmond is also a stone’s throw from Trinity Bellwoods Park.

The site is also hoping to leverage off the Museum of Contermporary Canadian Art, a very estoteric collection of coffee shops with names like the White Squirrel and Dark Horse, plus numerous restaurants and fashion outlets. Queen West after all isn’t a location, it’s a lifestyle.

While paying homage to the neighbourhood’s history, and the retro-industrial look of the showroom, the design of each townhome is modern and chic.Three different types of units are being offered — lofts, two-storey townhouses and three-storey units.

One clever feature is the use of a sky-roof and open-vaulted ceilings that bring light into each floor of the townhome, to create a backlit type of effect. Residents will also have access to garden terraces that offer good views of the city and outdoor space conducive to parties.

Renowned interior designers Cecconi Simone has added several high-end design touches include an expansive three-bedroom loft house with soaring 18′ ceilings.

Ochshorn who has made a specialty of developing homes for infill site thinks this is the future of urban planning. “This time we are restoring life into an abandoned autogarage.” It makes you think about what he may be planning next.

For more information and to register, visit www.editionrichmond.com.


source – The Toronto Sun

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